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It is emerging as a major specialty. Our inpatients facility takes care of high dose chemotheraphy, Haemoncology and solid tumours, short and long term severe neutropenia, and immuno-compromised patients.Day care oncology ambulatory service has 6 beds, which takes care of outdoor chemotheraphy, walk-in emergencies and new as well as follow up consultations.

Dr. Janardhan
Dr. Babaiah
Dr. Jaganmohan Reddy

Radiation Oncology

The department is being equipped with state-of-art equipment for radiation therapy which includes:

  • Megavoltage Dual Photon and multiple etectron high energy linear accelerator ( X ray energy 6 & 15 MV and Electron energy 4,6,9,12,16& 20 MeV) incorporating Asymmetric jaws, multileaf collimator, micromultileaf collimator, for conformal radiotheraphy and portal vision facility.
  • Simulator with CT scan facility.
  • Brachytherapy equipment using remote afterload high dose rate facility (Ir-192 isotope).
  • Computerized radiation planning both for tele-radiation and brachytherapy.
  • Computerized networking of all equipment, records and diagnostic CT & MRI machines.
  • Stereotactic Gamma Knife radiation facility for various pathological brain lesions.

Services Provided

The department manages both adult and paediatric malignancies which include solid tumours, lymphomas and leukemias. Each patient's treatment planning is discussed in the tumour board, which comprises of the Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Radiologist, Pathologist and surgical specialist (General Surgery, Urologist, Gastroentrologist, Neurosurgeon, Gynaecologist, Thoracic surgeon).
In addition to Medical faculty, specially trained head chemonurse and 10 assistant staff nurses augment the Onco services. The department is further supported by a group of volunteers and social workers.

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