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Medico-legal cell

A Medico-legal cell has been functioning in the Jaya Hospital for the last two years with immense success. The Consultants of Jaya Hospitals have a great sense of security if there is a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act. The members of the cell undertake to examine the complaint, and advise the consultants regarding their future line of action and defence. Mr. P.Shiva Rao , T.Hanumanth Reddy are the anchor persons, after being given the case inputs, They plan out the line of action and co-ordinates with the lawyer(s) who handle the case in court. The lawyers may either be appointed by the insurance company or engaged by the doctor against whom the complaint has been made.Jaya Hospitals is now ready to make this facility available to any registered medical practitioner.

Please contact us at: Medicao-Legal Cell, Jaya Hospitals,Warangal;