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About Jaya Hospitals

The Jaya Hospitals was founded in the early Nineteen seventy two by Dr.T.Narasimha Reddy & Dr. T.Kalpana Devi who believed that their Dharma was 'to provide quality health care at very affordable charges for a healthy tomorrow. The hospital has steadily grown in size and stature over the past 4 decades . Their dream of bringing the miracles of modern health care to the common man has been realised and, after commissioning of the Super Specialty Hospital complex in 2000, it has achieved its objective of becoming a Centre of Excellence in Health Care.Now, their sons Dr. T.Narasinga Reddy and Dr. T. Jayasimha Reddy and their families are carrying on their tradition.

The Hospital is a low cost institution with a motto that health care is affordable .They believe that philanthropy is a sacred duty that continues to support the Hospital and guide its activities.The Hospital complex, located on the busiest artery in central Warangal consists of two, a 4- storeyed building which has an inpatient capacity of 350 beds (inclusive of 47 intensive care beds) in different specialties as well as advanced diagnostic facilities, support and ancillary services, connected by a ramp to another 4 storeyed building which accommodates consulting rooms, outpatient facilities and a few diagnostic services. A nearby educational campus (within 10 minutes walking distance) provides para medical and nursing education with residential accommodation for Nurses to ensure that they are available round the clock. The Jaya Hospitals stands today as a concrete testimony to the fulfillment of the founder's dream.

Commitment To Quatity Care

Our philosophy is -"To provide "World Class Quality Health Care Services to all sections of the society". The Hospital has sophisticated state-of-the art equipment and well qualified doctors, nurses and paramedics to deal with any kind of ailment. The Management and Professionals lay great emphasis on quality.There are committees that meet regularly to discuss issues pertaining to the quality of patient care and ways to better them.

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