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Biochemistry Lab

The biochemistry laboratory is well equipped and is in keeping with the progressive outlook of the hospital. The laboratory has a sophisticated state-of-the-art analyser - the Synchron CX7 which has continuos loading and reporting facilities besides having the primary tube sampling facilities and bar code identification systems. The Synchron CX-7 is capable of processing samples at high speed of upto 825 tests per hour. The instrument is capable of processing urgent (STAT) samples & can report the value of 8 parameters within a minute, thus making critical information available quickly for emergency samples. The section also has the Hitachi 705, EL-ISE, Blood Gas Analyzer, Glucose II Analyser, ES-300 – the automated walk away immunoassay system, TDX Analyser, LKB and Sebia Electrophoresis Unit Beckman Protein Array to determine small quantities of different proteins by nephelometry, Sytem 700 & the Toxi lab System.

The test menu covers over 175 different investigations ranging from the most elementary tests like glucose and electrolytes done by the state-of-the-art techniques to the most specialised tests like Tumour markers, therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical toxicology using Toxi-lab Screening by chromatographic & FPIA techniques.The lab carries out stringent quality control for all tests which are performed either by the analysers which is done at 3 levels twice a day or are done manually. The lab also participates in external Quality Control programmes from WHO , Chandigrah and College of American Pathologists in USA.

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